Biden Makes Shocking Statement About Unvaccinated Americans


( – President Joe Biden is known for a long history of gaffes, plagiarisms and distortions of the truth. Now, you can add to the list, “insulter in chief.” On Tuesday, July 27, the president went out of his way to insult nearly half of the country for opposing getting COVID-19 vaccinations. If he thinks this is how to persuade people to get jabbed, he’s sorely mistaken.

Reporters asked Biden if he would consider mandating a COVID-19 vaccination for all federal government employees. Unambiguously, the president responded that the measure is under consideration. Then he went off the rails. He stated, “…if you’re not vaccinated, you’re not nearly as smart as I thought you were.” That’s America’s great uniter. That’s the president who pledged to bring Americans together. 

Blanket statements aren’t helpful in a free society dependent on civility. There may be numerous reasons why Americans choose to go unvaccinated. Perhaps in consultation with a doctor, a person decides a vaccination would be more harmful than helpful due to an underlying health condition. Americans can research and determine for themselves if a vaccination is in their best interest. They don’t need the government knocking on doors or the president insulting them if they choose against this issue.

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