Biden Loses Another Key Staff Member As Midterms Loom

Biden Loses Another Key Staff Member As Midterms Loom

Biden’s Senior Advisor Abandons Ship

( – As America moves closer to the 2022 midterm elections in November, Republicans are picking up steam to flip the House and Senate. Democratic pollsters and their allies in the media are warning the Left it faces dire results in November. While the nation faces crippling inflation, high gas prices, and a looming recession, Politico said President Joe Biden’s abysmal poll numbers threatened the Democratic one-seat control of the Senate. It’s time for House Democrats to head to the lifeboats, wrote The New York Times on April 22.

Could the Democrats be putting their hopes in one person to salvage their fading priorities? On Tuesday, April 26, the White House confirmed it’s losing a senior advisor to the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison and senior advisor to the president, Cedric Richmond, is moving to greener pastures, or at least he hopes that’s the case. Richmond and White House officials say the move is a promotion, but that may not be the whole story.

Senior Presidential Advisor Moves to the DNC

Cedric Richmond is a former congressman from Louisiana and the highest-ranking member of Biden’s team to leave the White House to date. In 2021, he accepted a position in the Biden White House as one of only a few outsiders. While Democrats’ prospects fade ahead of the midterm elections, the former congressman and his fellow Democrats hope Richmond’s move to the DNC will help boost the party and prevent a complete electoral wipeout in November.

In a new book releasing on Tuesday, May 3, titled “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden and the Battle for America’s Future,” Richmond called the far-left Squad “f***ing idiots.” While the timing of the move coincides with the book’s release, revealing Richmond’s feelings about the far-Left, it may have little to do with his statement and instead targets buttressing the DNC to prevent a complete collapse.

Richmond said he’s excited President Biden trusts him to help boost the DNC and Democratic candidates across the country. He said he hopes to help Democrats grow their majorities in the House and Senate, flip numerous gubernatorial seats, and flip some state legislatures.

DNC Chairman Jamie Harrison said few people are as capable as Richmond, and the move shows the party is all in, leaving nothing to chance this fall.

Richmond Allegedly on an Island

According to a recent Politico article, Richmond allies expressed dismay the Biden administration didn’t use him as expected or hoped. Some even complained to the Washington, D.C.-based political news outlet, saying the former Congressman wasn’t really brought into the upper leadership team but was an island unto himself. It’s questionable how true that is, but it’s common for power structures to develop inside a White House administration.

Still, there’s no doubt congressional Democrats need all the help they can get as they prepare for the fall elections. According to RealClearPolitics average of polls, Republicans hold a nearly four-point advantage over Democrats in generic congressional polling.

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