Biden Launches Renewed Assault on Second Amendment

Biden Launches Renewed Assault on Second Amendment

( – In April 2021, President Joe Biden announced several measures to tackle gun violence. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the president called gun violence an epidemic and ordered the Justice Department to craft rules designed to stop untraceable ghost guns and publish red flag legislative proposals for Congress. One year later, Biden is announcing a crackdown on ghost guns.

Ghost guns are gun kits anyone can buy online or in a store without a background check. Most people can assemble the gun kit in around 30 minutes without special equipment or tools. The Department of Justice (DOJ) worked on the new rule using the federal processes already in place while waiting for lawmakers to act.

On Monday, April 11, Biden announced new rules to prevent convicted criminals and others not legally allowed to purchase weapons from purchasing ghost guns. Additionally, the new rules would require manufacturers to add serial numbers to items in the kits so law enforcement officials could trace the ghost guns. Finally, the new regulation would require federally licensed firearms dealers to include serial numbers of 3D printed guns they add to their inventory.

Far-left gun control activist David Hogg tweeted he would be in attendance for Biden’s announcement.

Opponents plan to challenge the new regulation in federal court.

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