Biden Is Bowing Down to China Again

Biden Is Bowing Down to China Again

Biden KNEELS To China – Makes Absolutely Sickening Decision

( – In April, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-NY) planned a visit to Taiwan. When the Speaker contracted COVID-19, those plans had to go on hold. Now, it appears Pelosi may be planning a trip to the Asian nation in August. If so, she would be the first Speaker of the House to visit the vital island since Newt Gingrich in 1997.

The possibility of Pelosi’s trip isn’t sitting well with Chinese officials. They demanded that she not visit, and some directly threatened the US. On Wednesday, July 20, President Joe Biden said the US military doesn’t think the Speaker should make the trip to Taiwan right now. His statement is leading some officials to question whether Biden is capitulating to Beijing’s demands or looking out for the best interests of the United States.

Did Biden’s Response Embolden the Chinese?

While Biden said the military doesn’t believe Pelosi should take the trip, he admitted he doesn’t even know if she’s headed to Taiwan or not. The president and military leaders apparently aren’t alone in expressing their concerns. According to the Financial Times, three people with knowledge of the situation in the White House also expressed concern about the trip.

So, what could be behind the skepticism? Is Biden allowing the Chinese Communist Party to dictate what US leaders do?

In the past, China has repeatedly stated that it opposes US engagement with Taiwan in any form. Their reaction to the news of a potential visit by the Speaker was swift and angry. Officials demanded that Washington stick to the One China principle, which acknowledges the larger country’s claim over Taiwan. Still, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said while the administration recognizes the policy, it also believes the situation between the two countries is “unsettled.”

Nonetheless, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said if Pelosi travels to Taiwan, his country will respond with “determined and forceful measures.” He said China would protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity if Pelosi insisted on the visit.

So, is Biden caving to appease Beijing? The reality is that he can’t control the Speaker’s travel schedule. Still, some believe if Pelosi isn’t careful, she could tread on the executive branch’s authority under the Constitution to conduct foreign relations.

Why Is China Upset?

Although the massive Asian nation often grumbles about the US relationship with Taiwan, it rarely acts with such an aggressive tone toward the US. Expert Bonnie Glaser told the Financial Times numerous anti-Chinese legislative proposals over the last several years have upset the communists. In addition, Biden and Pelosi are both Democrats, and the communist regime likely perceives the Speakers trip as a strategy by the US government to use the smaller country against it in a show of support for its independence.

Since Biden took office in January 2020, Taiwan has become a source of contention between the US and the world’s most populated country. The Chinese military has behaved aggressively and threateningly toward the island nation, increasing regional tensions.

So, do the military and the president know something they aren’t telling the public? Is China directly threatening the US over a Pelosi visit? Regardless, is Biden really easing tensions or just cowering to the Communist Party?

You decide.

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