Biden Insults Veterans Like Never Before – Watch Now

Photo by Lucas Alexander on Unsplash

( – After a recent White House Medal of Honor event, several social media users expressed shock when footage suggested that President Biden exited the ceremony before its concluding prayer.

Online comments indicated that many believed Biden had “hastily departed,” showing a lack of respect to the military veteran who was being awarded the nation’s most distinguished military accolade.

The event took place on a Tuesday, shortly after President Biden presented the medal to retired U.S. Army Captain Larry Taylor. Taylor, now 81, was honored for his bravery during the Vietnam War in 1968. As a 1st Lt. back then, he piloted his helicopter into a perilous situation to save four comrades who were encircled by adversaries.

Recounting Taylor’s heroics during the event, President Biden spoke of the challenging conditions: “The surroundings were enveloped in darkness, with only the faint illumination from Lieutenant Taylor’s cockpit control. That’s when he heard a soft voice on his radio, saying, ‘We’re trapped.’ Fully aware of the dangers, Lieutenant Taylor acted.”

As the ceremony neared its end, after bestowing the medal upon Taylor, rather than standing by during the audience’s applause and the final prayer, Biden was seen moving down the aisle, seemingly departing early.

Captain Taylor was left alone on stage as the closing prayer was recited. A member of the audience seemingly motioned for Taylor to remain at the forefront even though the president had exited.

In contrast, footage from Medal of Honor ceremonies in 2020 and 2021 showed President Biden staying on stage until the end of the event.

Users on X, previously known as Twitter, highlighted this apparent premature exit. noted: “Seemingly, Joe Biden left swiftly after presenting the Medal of Honor to Army Captain Larry Taylor, missing the final prayer even though the ceremony wasn’t over.”

Young Americans for Liberty commented, “It appeared that a puzzled President Biden departed in the middle of the Medal of Honor event before its conclusion.”

Graham Allen, a conservative commentator, remarked, “It’s distressing that Biden missed the end of the Medal of Honor ceremony.” contributor Bonchie posed a question: “Why did Biden seemingly leave amid applause during the Medal of Honor event? Was he confusing it with another function?”

Furthermore, podcaster Ryan Knight observed: “It’s odd how Biden seemed to leave the veteran’s ceremony at the White House prematurely. Some might attribute it to cognitive issues, but his supporters seem unwavering.”

Marc Thiessen, a columnist for the Washington Post, added, “He departed too early. Traditionally in East Room ceremonies, attendees are requested to stay seated while the president departs at the end. It seems there’s some confusion.”



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