Biden Ignores Massive Border Issues

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

After President Biden’s first brief visit to the border, he departed El Paso on Sunday afternoon. This is the first verified border visit in Biden’s political career and since taking office. Over the four hours that he spent in the border city, Biden walked along the U.S.-Mexico border where he could inspect the busy port of entry as well as look at how border officers contacted their searches of vehicles passing through for drugs, money, and other contraband.

Still, this visit was not enough to quiet critics who have pointed out that Biden is not visiting some of the areas that are bearing the biggest brunt of the illegal border crossings. During an appearance on “Fox Report with Jon Scott,” Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council pointed out that Biden had not visited any of the most affected areas. He added that while it is always possible to look across the different ports of entry in the southwest border, those ports were not where the biggest problems of illegal immigration could be seen. He added that illegal immigrants were usually seen between ports of entry and it is not possible for the President to have a scheduled visit with them.

He further noted that in order to create policies and programs that will effectively solve the situation, it is important to look at all areas and see what is truly “going on.” However, the President has so far refused to do that.

Despite the criticisms, White House officials have maintained that Biden visited the busiest port of entry in El Paso in order to look at how the enforcement operations worked.