Biden Gives in to China’s Wishes During Launch of Indo-Pacific Pact

Biden Gives Into China's Wishes During Launch of Indo-Pacific Pact

Biden Bows To China’s Demands With New Trade DEAL

( – Since 1979, the US government has recognized the One China policy. It states that the People’s Republic of China is the sole legal entity of China. As it pertains to Taiwan, the United States has also acknowledged Taiwan is part of China. The distinction may be splitting hairs, but it’s important, as US officials maintain an informal relationship with Taiwan over the Chinese communist government’s objections.

On Monday, May 23, President Joe Biden announced the United States would release a list of nations in the administration’s Indo-Pacific trade pact. It appears the president gave in to China’s objections and withheld Taiwan from the list. The Associated Press reported Taiwan’s inclusion would have irked Beijing.

Still, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the United States would work one on one with Taiwan to develop the two countries’ ongoing partnership. Ahead of the president’s announcement, Beijing criticized the US over the pact. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said China hoped the US government would build inclusive relationships in the Asia-Pacific. He insinuated the trade alliance really served as a clique to put a check on China throughout the region, which he says would only create turmoil and chaos.

The White House said it aimed to help US families through the trade pact with Asia-Pacific countries by solving the supply chain crisis.

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