Biden Discusses Using Force To Prevent Iran From Going Nuclear

Biden Discusses Using Force To Prevent Iran From Going Nuclear

Biden May Use Force To Prevent Iran From Rising To Nuclear Power

( – The Biden administration is trying to revive an Obama-era Iranian nuclear deal that former President Donald Trump canceled in 2018. Trump claimed it was ineffective and incentivized Iran to develop its nuclear capabilities. Now, it appears the Middle-Eastern nation might be close to its goal of creating a viable nuclear weapon, and President Joe Biden has warned he’s not above taking military action to stop the terrorist country from achieving that goal.

On Wednesday, July 13, Newsweek reported that the president told an Israeli news outlet he would adopt a stronger stance as a last resort to ensure Iran doesn’t acquire a nuclear weapon. He said the only thing worse than Iran is Iran with nuclear capabilities. Biden blamed Trump’s withdrawal from the US pact with Iran for the country’s incessant desire to further its nuclear program.

Iran denies seeking to develop a nuclear weapon and says it only wants nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Regardless, in 2014, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates wrote that Biden had been wrong on almost every foreign policy issue over the last four decades. In 2021, the president botched the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and turned the country over to the Taliban.

In October 2021, Gates doubled down. He said Biden was wrong in his opposition to President Ronald Reagan’s approach to the Soviet Union, his stance against the first Gulf War in 1991, and his differences with Obama on Afghanistan.

So, what makes Biden right this time? Do you think he would use the military to attack Iran?

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