Biden Bike Modifications May Have Led to His Embarrassing Fall

Biden Bike Modifications May Have Led to His Embarrassing Fall

Biden’s Cause Of Falling Revealed…

( – President Joe Biden and the first lady often ride their bicycles in their home state of Delaware. In November, Bicycling Magazine reported the president’s bike sported some extra amenities and stated the older model might desperately need a few repairs. On Saturday, June 18, Biden took a hard fall while on a ride, and the New York Post noted that one of the bicycle’s amenities was the likely cause.

Bicycle Magazine pointed out Biden’s old two-wheeler needed a new chain due to serious rust. In addition, it said the bike’s amenities included a coiled cable lock around the bike seat, a CatEye Wireless computer, and pedal-toe cages. Around 9:40 a.m., Biden and his $599 Trek FX hybrid bike fell to the ground. As Secret Service agents swarmed, the president insisted he was all right. He blamed the pedal-toe cages for the incident.

Biden said his sneaker got stuck in the right pedal. Apparently, the president likes to ride fast when he’s out of the eye of the media, and the toe cages help keep his feet in place so that he doesn’t slip. Bicycle manufacturer Trek told the New York Post that the toe cages “can make it hard for less-agile riders to dismount the bike quickly” and that the president might consider purchasing a newer bike that would be “easier to get on and off.”

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