Biden Attacks Liberal News Reporter

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

President Biden during a recent interview with ABC’s David Muir aired on Friday’s “World News Tonight” was pressed about his scandal regarding the classified documents found in his possession.

Muir first started his line of questioning by quoting back to Biden his own comments regarding former President Donald Trump following the discovery of classified documents in his Mar-a-Lago estate which were recovered during an FBI raid after Trump refused to hand them over to the National Archives. At the time Biden had said that he was concerned about the information that existed in the classified documents, stating that they might have revealed “sources and methods.” Following the quote, Muir asked whether Biden could reassure the American people that the classified documents found in his possession would not have “compromised sources or methods or U.S. intelligence.”

In response, Biden said that he has been advised to allow the Department of Justice to form decisions on this. He added that all of the documents found in his possession have been handed over, including some documents from his time in the Senate. As he noted he had been informed that some of the documents were dating back to 1973 or 74. He added that he did not know the exact classification level of any of the documents but that he has been advised to not comment as he does not know exactly what documents were confiscated.

Muir continued to press Biden for a response, especially as Biden had previously commented on Trump’s case, but Biden did not comment on the case.