Biden Approval Ratings in Iowa Are Slipping

Biden Approval Ratings in Iowa Are Slipping

( – President Joe Biden’s popularity continues to slip with voters, and the shift in sentiment toward him has been significant. While some people might believe that the president’s troubles are related directly to Afghanistan, that’s not entirely accurate. Across a range of issues, Biden is underwater. It could spell doom for Democrats in the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential election.

Whenever a president is in office, the nation often sees that person, and his party, as responsible for what’s happening in the country. In 2022, the headwinds were already against Congressional Democrats without Biden’s help. Republicans control thirty of the nation’s fifty state legislatures, and they are currently finalizing redistricting efforts as prescribed by the US Constitution. The landscape will likely be much easier for the GOP after redistricting. The far-left agenda could also push independents away from the Democratic Party, making matters worse for Biden’s long-term plan and the Democrat’s future.

Biden’s Numbers Dramatically Drop in Iowa

A new poll conducted by the Iowa Des Moines Register shows that Biden is in deep trouble in the first presidential primary state. It could be a predictor in numerous battleground states next fall. According to the poll, only 31% of Iowans approve of Biden’s job performance, and a whopping 62% say he’s failing. That’s a massive 12-point drop since the last poll in June, when 52% disapproved and 42% approved of the president’s job performance. The last time Biden was in positive territory in the Hawkeye State was in March.

Biden’s approval in Iowa is lower than former President Donald Trump’s. In December 2017, Trump’s worst number during his four year-term was 35%, four points better than Biden.

The worst part for Biden is that previously, tackling COVID-19 seemed to be his strength. Not anymore. Only 36% of Iowans approve of the president’s handling of the pandemic nine months into his presidency, down 17 points from his 53% approval in June. Many state residents said they also disapprove of Biden’s workplace vaccination mandate.

In the worst number in the Iowa poll, only 21% believe President Biden is leading America in the right direction. An astonishing 70% say the country is falling off the tracks.

National Polls Slightly Mirror’s Iowa

National polls suggest that Iowa isn’t the only place souring on the president. In a new Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll, 51% of respondents said that Trump was a better president than Joe Biden. Making matters worse for the current occupant of the White House, Biden’s national approval rating dropped from 62% in June to 52% in September. The president lost 13 points since July on foreign affairs issues due to the horrid withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The news is terrible for President Biden as he loses political capital at home and around the world. With only a little more than a year to go before the 2022 midterms, the numbers appear baked in against the president. A poll is only a momentary snapshot. However, suppose the trend continues over the next few months or doesn’t recover. In that case, voters may have already decided the Democrats’ fate in Congress, and Biden could be a lame-duck president moving forward.

Only time will tell for sure. For the moment, one thing is clear: Voters don’t appear happy about the direction America Biden is leading America.

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