Biden And Kamala Getting Replaced By Who?

The White House, and United States Senate, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Jenna Ellis, a former senior legal adviser to former President Donald Trump, speculated on Sunday that the Democrats might consider former first lady Michelle Obama and California Governor Gavin Newsom as potential nominees in the 2024 presidential election.

In a recent tweet, she pointed out how the case of the classified documents could have left the space open for both Michelle and Newsom to enter the race.

Ellis also told Newsweek that it is unlikely that the Democrats still think that Biden is a good potential presidential candidate for 2024 and that both Michelle Obama and Newsom were most likely better nominees.

Ellis added that Biden is currently a liability to the party not only because of the questions regarding his mental competency but also because of the case of the mishandled classified documents that have been found in several different locations across his house and private office. She added that this case is also an opportunity for Democrats to really push Biden aside under the pretext that “equal treatment by the DOJ” is necessary to bring down former President Donald Trump.

The case against Biden regarding the classified documents keeps expanding. The first batch of classified documents had been found in Biden’s former private office in D.C., while the next two had been discovered by Biden’s lawyers in his Delaware home. On Saturday it was confirmed that an FBI and Department of Justice search led to the discovery of 6 additional documents with classified markings.

Bob Bauer, Biden’s personal attorney, has stated that the President and administration were going to be fully cooperating with the investigation being carried out.