Biden Administration Reportedly Laying Low During Afghanistan Withdrawal Anniversary

Biden Administration Reportedly Laying Low During Afghanistan Withdrawal Anniversary

A Grim Anniversary Approaches – Will The White House Do Anything?

( – In August 2021, President Joe Biden ordered the final US military withdrawal from Afghanistan. Air Force cargo planes departed the country for several weeks, often without any of the thousands of Americans or allies the US government promised it wouldn’t leave behind. Now, the National Security Council (NSC) is attempting to help the Biden administration to refrain from dough or saying anything “stupid” as the first anniversary of the humiliating withdrawal approaches.

On Monday, July 11, NBC News reported the NSC began checking on the status of internal reviews about the retreat. As the administration braces for the news, officials are working through how to handle the public relations around the anniversary of the disastrous pullout to prevent more political damage to President Biden and Democrats ahead of the midterm elections. The media outlet reported that administration officials weeded out any dates on their calendars that could appear tone-deaf in the wake of the failed foreign policy strategy.

The first anniversary marks the defining moment voters began telling pollsters they were unhappy with the president. Taliban terrorists killed 13 US service members at the Kabul airport, and government forces left thousands of Americans and allies. Since then, Biden’s approval ratings have dropped drastically, falling to historic lows. During the withdrawal, the Taliban overran the country and effectively seized control, eroding the gains the US made in Afghanistan over 20 years.

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