Biden Admin Tries To Make a Deal With China To Help With North Korea Threat

Biden Admin Tries To Make a Deal With China To Help With North Korea Threat

Biden Admin BEGS China To Save The World From America’s Enemy

( – As the United States and China engage in geopolitical rivalry, China has become less cooperative with the US over North Korea, which the communist country sees as an ally. As North Korea ramps up its long-range ballistic missile capabilities, the United Nations has been watching closely. Recently, Beijing vetoed a UN resolution to impose more sanctions on the Hermit Kingdom. Now, it appears North Korean leader Kim Jong-un may be preparing to test the country’s nuclear abilities, and China may be more open to a solution.

China has willingly supported sanctions against North Korea in the past, but strained US relations appear to have prompted shifts in attitudes. Newsweek reported White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Chinese Central Foreign Affairs Commission Director Yang Jiechi spoke for four hours on Monday, June 13. Reports say Sullivan expressed concern about China’s recent UN veto as North Korea indicated it’s preparing for its first nuclear weapon test since 2017 at any moment.

A senior Biden official told Newsweek the US and China have a history of working together regarding North Korea. The officials said each side laid out their respective positions on Monday, and the Biden administration believes it’s an area where both sides can work together.

Over the last six months, concern has been growing in the administration that China could try to leverage North Korea to counter the US, including leveraging the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

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