Biden About to Set New “Record” With His Shockingly Low Popularity, Report Suggests

Biden About to Set New

( – Faced with a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, runaway inflation and resistance to unpopular COVID mandates, Joe Biden’s first year in office didn’t go smoothly. As he begins his second year, he’s dealing with the Russia-Ukraine crisis. Is it any surprise his approval ratings continue to tank?

A poll released February 27 through Langer Research in cooperation with ABC News and The Washington Post shows the president’s approval rating is at a low 37%. Those who disapprove of Biden’s actions total 55%.

In large part, the economy seems to be driving the approval rating down. People have expressed frustration with the high inflation rate. Only 37% of people in the poll said they approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, with 58% disapproving.

Critically, 54% of the respondents said they trusted Republicans more to handle the country’s financial issues. Only 35% see Democrats capable of doing the job. Additionally, 54% said economic conditions have become worse under Biden, with only 17% saying he’s had anything beneficial to offer the country.

The situation with Russia and Ukraine will likely harm the economy. Biden should be careful how he proceeds, especially if it means more damage to the US economic situation, given how it has affected his approval ratings so far. With the midterms coming up, Democrats can’t afford a failing leader in the White House.

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