Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire Replaced As Most Popular Brand on Facebook

Ben Shapiro's Daily Wire Replaced As Most Popular Brand on Facebook

( – Since 2020, no content business has been as successful on Facebook as The Daily Wire. In July 2021, NPR reported that Ben Shapiro had more Facebook fans than the Washington Post, and The Daily Wire was unparalleled in engagement on the world’s top social media site despite its solid conservative views and stances. In a time when conservatives expressed dismay at Big Tech censorship, Shapiro’s company was thriving.

On Wednesday, April 6, The Daily Wire lost its top ranking according to the NewsWhip. The Daily Mail replaced the media group as the leading publisher on Facebook. So, how did the March numbers look?

The Daily Mail – 32.67 million engagements

The Daily Wire – 25.86 million engagements

While The Daily Wire tends to focus on US domestic uses, The Daily Mail focuses internationally. In March, The Daily Mail apparently succeeded due to its content focusing on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. NewsWhip’s Benedict Nicolson said the UK-based media outlet was more content-focused than usual in March, while The Daily Wire wasn’t focused on a consistent theme, although it was true to its right-leaning culture war issues.

So, will The Wire retake its top spot in April? Stay tuned.

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