Army Medic Speaks Out on Tik Tok About Dobbs Decision

Army Medic Speaks Out on Tik Tok About Dobbs Decision

Military INSIDER True Colors Come Out After Abortion Ruling

( – At the end of June, the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade after 50 years since the Warren Court established abortion as a national right. After the High Court announced its opinion, commentary and views from both ends of the political spectrum flooded social media. Yet, a short video posted by a female US Army medic caught the attention of popular conservative Jack Posobiec. The video has received over one million views on TikTok.

Sgt. Rahasenfratz expressed deep outrage over the SCOTUS decision. In a three-minute TikTok video posted on June 24, the sergeant said she didn’t re-enlist for her country to treat women as “second-class citizens.” She argued that the ruling was fraught with unintended consequences and that retention rates would drop among women service members.

In addition, the sergeant also stated that female soldiers on deployment, such as herself, already struggled to access birth control. She insinuated the decision would force women to carry out unplanned pregnancies in the military.

In the video, Rahasenfratz said she had just extended her enlistment a week before the Supreme Court ruling and expressed regret for doing so. The service member went on to allege that many say they support the troops despite favoring a decision that will ruin female soldiers’ careers.

Regardless, Rahasenfratz said she would finish her obligation to the Army. She also plans to continue speaking out on the effects of the decision to return legal decisions about abortion to the states.

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