Apple Puts “Made in China” Sticker on Taiwanese Products

Apple Puts

Apple Picks Sides – Snubs Taiwan In Worst Way Possible

( – In the wake of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) visit to Taiwan, the Chinese government increased military drills near the small island. Many see the provocative acts as a threat of impending invasion. For decades, the communist mainland has considered the democratically run island its territory under the One China policy. Now, Asia’s largest country is apparently enforcing a little-used rule against Apple if the company wants fresh supplies of its newest products.

Apple is moving into the final manufacturing phase for the new iPhone 14, iPad, and Apple Watch. On Friday, August 5, Nikkei Asia reported the communist government is heavily scrutinizing import documents from chipmakers in Taiwan. Reportedly, the company told its suppliers that labels on cartons and forms must say they came from China, not Taiwan. It appears corporate leaders have made a practical business decision to avoid potential disruptions to its supply chain due to Pelosi’s visit.

The report said the corporation instructed Taiwanese manufacturers to change labels bound for the mainland to say “Chinese Taipei” or “Taiwan, China.” The rule has been in place for years, but customs officials on the continent have never enforced it until now. If the labels aren’t changed, Beijing could fine one of the world’s wealthiest companies, delay, or even reject the shipment of products.

Apparently, Apple isn’t willing to draw a red line over a label. Still, if the Chinese Communist Party continues retaliating against US businesses, will they eventually find another country to manufacture their products?

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