AOC Supports Organized Retail Theft Crimewave

AOC Supports Organized Retail Theft Crimewave

( – Across California and other parts of the country, organized retail theft is becoming a serious problem. In the wake of the defunding police movement in big Democratic-led cities like San Francisco, retail crime rings are emerging. Groups of people work together to steal merchandise, destroy property, assault retail employees and evade the police. Media articles and videos have documented several accounts of thieves ravaging stores and committing violence against retail employees.

In a recent interview, far-Left Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) alleged the incidents of organized retail thefts were contrived, and the data didn’t back up the claims. She essentially stated the issue was a hoax. Retail industry groups and Republicans immediately criticized AOC for her ignorance.

AOC didn’t know what she was talking about, according to the Retail Industry Association. It said retailers recorded the evidence and face a growing problem that needs solutions. Opponents simply can’t claim organized retail crime is a hoax. The trade group added if AOC isn’t concerned about theft and violence against retail workers, she should openly admit it instead of putting out misinformation.

The National Retail Federation said organized retail crime costs businesses $719,548 on average per $1 billion in sales. The figure has topped $700,000 for the fifth consecutive year. Retailers believe the problem became more prevalent after cities relaxed shoplifting laws, and related crimes have surged over the last 12 months.

Republicans said the response is more evidence AOC and her Left-wing colleagues are tone-deaf, and they believe such actions are offensive to victims of retail theft and other crimes.

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