Andrew Cuomo Wasted Whopping $106 Million of Taxpayer Money on Cancelled Project

Andrew Cuomo

( – Are there no projects safe from politicians’ waste of taxpayer money? Apparently not if you’re Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo spent $106 million on lights for state bridges in New York City while critical infrastructure issues went untouched. 

Complicating matters, these aren’t ordinary lights. They’re colored harbor lights designed to sync with other landmarks to create an amazing light exhibition. When officials temporarily halted the project, the administration placed $37 million in LED lights in storage, where they remain.

Some people question what the administration was doing paying for optics while they ignored other glaring critical needs. Other, massive infrastructure problems in New York City include subways that experience chronic delays and poor service. While the lighting plans sit in limbo, the administration insists it will continue the project. A spokesman argued that the lights would create tourism dollars to help the city emerge from the pandemic and make it a more dynamic place for residents and businesses.

It’s not the first time New Yorkers have been on the hook for mismanagement of tax dollars. The state recently spent millions on a failed marketing campaign. It placed tourism signs along interstates that officials said were illegal. The federal government forced the state to remove the “I LOVE NEW YORK” signs. Additionally, Cuomo reportedly spent millions of dollars on new, colored tile for the subway systems. 

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