Americans Told To Flee Foreign Nation Immediately

Photo by Alexander Smagin on Unsplash

The U.S. Embassy in Moscow has said that all Americans currently in Russia are urged to leave the country following the “partial mobilization” decree issued by Russian President Vladimir Putin last week.

The embassy issued a warning on Tuesday saying that Russian authorities can refuse to acknowledge the dual citizenship of those with U.S. citizenship, as well as deny access to the U.S. consulate. This would possibly also prevent those individuals from leaving the country. Those with dual citizenship might also be conscripted for military service.

The embassy also said that the number of commercial flights is limited and people would not easily be able to leave the country. The inland border checkpoints are also crowded right now.

According to the statement released, anyone residing or traveling to Russia is currently encouraged to leave the country using one of the limited commercial travel options available.

Putin’s decree seeks to mobilize 300,000 soldiers that will be sent to fight in the war in Ukraine. This has led to thousands of people fleeing the country as they are fearing conscription.

Images released on social media also show the havoc in the airports as well as the Finish border checkpoints, where there are thousands of cars filled with fighting-age men who are hoping to flee the country and avoid conscription.

Russians have now moved into Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia as many European nations have stopped Russian citizens from entering the country.

The White House also announced on Tuesday that they would accept Russian refugees who were trying to flee and not join the war against Ukraine.

Since the announcement of mobilization on Sept. 21, over 261,000 men have fled Russia. The embassy has also warned Americans that they have limited resources to assist them in moving out of the country as the tensions between Moscow and Washington are high.