Americans Point Out Top Issues Heading Into Midterms

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Americans Point Out Top Issues Heading Into Midterms

According to a new poll, around 80 percent of Americans believe that the economy and inflation rates will be key in determining whom they are going to be supporting in November’s midterm elections.

The elections are currently only a few weeks away. Currently, 81 percent of respondents have said that the economy is going to be the key issue that will help them determine whom to vote for. Similarly, 80 percent have said that their choice will be made based on inflation. These results were published as part of a Politico-Morning Consult poll on Wednesday.

Following the economy, the second most important factor that people were considering was related to crime. Around 64 percent of people have said that crime would be one of the key issues they would consider before casting their votes.

Crime, the economy, and inflation are three of the issues that Republicans have been discussing as part of their midterm campaigns. Polls also have shown that people believe the Republicans are going to do a better job at handling these issues than the Democrats.

The poll showed that around 46 percent trusted Republicans more, while 39 percent expressed the same sentiment towards the Democrats. About inflation, the support for Republicans remained the same, while only 37 percent said they believed the Democrats would do a better job.

On crime, Republicans had the trust of 45 percent of the population, while Democrats had 38 percent.

The Politico-Morning Consult poll took place from Oct. 14 to Oct. 16 and 2,005 registered voters answered the questions. There is a 2-percentage point margin of error.

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