American Airlines Puts Big Money on Supersonic Travel

American Airlines Puts Big Money on Supersonic Travel

This Airline Makes BOLD Move — This Could Change Flight Travel FOREVER

( – From 1969 to 2003, people with limited time and a lot of cash could fly across the ocean in the Concorde. It was the first and last supersonic passenger jet. Today, models sit in museums across the world. In 2014, a new, enterprising commercial aircraft company, Boom Supersonic, formed to build a passenger plane that could fly at over twice the speed of sound. On Tuesday, August 16, American Airlines paid the startup a nonrefundable deposit for 20 of the fast planes even though they’re still in the design phase.

Each plane can carry between 65 and 80 passengers. Boom executives say the jet’s four engines will allow it to fly from Miami to London in under five hours. Ordinarily, on a conventional aircraft, the flight lasts almost nine hours. American said it expects to receive delivery of the first plane in 2029. Still, the timeline could be longer depending on engineering, testing, and federal government approvals.

American is the second US carrier to place a deposit on the lightning-fast jets and secure the right to purchase 40 more. In 2021, United agreed to buy 15 aircraft as long as they met safety and operational standards and were environmentally sustainable. Even though engineers haven’t chosen an engine yet, Boom Supersonic officials said in an interview with Reuters they expect the first model to roll out of its North Carolina factory in 2025, with test flights beginning in 2026.

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