America Loses All Faith in Law Enforcement Under Biden’s Rule

America Loses All Faith in Law Enforcement Under Biden's Rule

Americans Don’t Trust Biden’s FBI — And It’s Not Hard To See Why

( – Over the last five years, whistleblowers have caught the FBI misbehaving numerous times. In 2016, it misrepresented facts and withheld vital information from a secretive court to secure wiretap warrants on the Trump campaign. In addition, there were questions about the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and other ongoing concerns the FBI is partisan. Now, a new poll shows Americans are less trusting in the FBI than at any other time in modern US history.

According to a new Golden/TIPP Poll, Americans are losing their trust in the nation’s premier law enforcement agency, and it may take a lot of work to get the country’s trust back. According to the poll, almost one-fifth of Americans have no faith at all in the FBI. A combined 47% have little certainty — 19% said they have no trust, and 28% said they have little confidence.

Broken down by party, 57% of Democrats and 58% of Liberals said they trust the FBI. Yet, 55% of Republicans and 58% of Conservatives said they did not trust the federal law enforcement agency. Among the coveted Independents, 53% said they lacked trust in the FBI.

The level of trust for the Department of Justice (DOJ) was even lower as 52% of Americans said they don’t trust the agency, and only 41% said they do. Again, Republicans and Independents expressed far less support for the DOJ than Democrats.

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