America is Cheering for Brandon

America is Cheering for Brandon

( – Across America, a strange new chant has emerged at sporting events. Signs and t-shirts are selling with the hashtag #LetsGoBrandon. Who’s Brandon, where did this movement come from and what does it mean?

It started at college football games as entire groups in the stands began chanting, “F**k Joe Biden.” The profane display of disapproval of the 46th president spread to NFL games and eventually to NASCAR. At times, the chant was so loud it drowned everything else out.

After a NASCAR race on October 2, Xfinity Series winner Brandon Brown met with NBC sportscaster Kelli Stavast for an interview. Either the reporter wasn’t sure what the crowd was yelling, or she thought they were cheering for him. Regardless, Stavast told Brown people were saying, “Let’s go, Brandon!”

There you have it. At a moment’s notice, a simple statement became a new movement. The meme is now all the rage. Apparently, it’s the latest and friendliest way for people to express how they feel about Joe Biden without using words of ill repute. The term became so popular that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) couldn’t help but tweet the moniker on a Wheel of Fortune-themed meme.

For Brandon’s part, he’s taking it all in stride. He’s had his own fun with the meme, sharing tongue-in-cheek responses with his fans.

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