Amazon Worker Gets Trapped in “Robot Walls”

Amazon Worker Gets Trapped In

( – For decades, science fiction movies and television shows demonstrated how a future with robots might look. In “Star Trek,” robots aided humans in performing complex solutions and provided companionship as they sought to be more human. In “The Terminator,” they tried to extinguish humanity altogether. Well, the world isn’t approaching either scenario at this point. Unless you’re an Amazon worker. Then, the experience might be more like “The Maze Runner.”

Recently, robots in an Amazon fulfillment center appeared to be having some fun with one worker. As the Amazon employee retrieved an item from a shelf for a customer, the robots began moving around shelves. As the worker found an open path, the robots would throw a roadblock up and force him to turn around. If one were watching from above, the worker might have looked like a mouse trying to find his way out of a moving trap.

It was so entertaining the man turned on his phone camera and videoed the robots creating paths for him to try to escape. The Amazon warehouse worker said it took him around 15 minutes to find freedom. He commented work could get crazy in the warehouse and that the robots like to mess around.

It appears sitting around is as dull for machines as it is for people.

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