A Man in Maryland Wins the Powerball

A Man in Maryland Wins the Powerball

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Every day across America, millions of people purchase lottery tickets hoping to be the ones to win massive jackpots of cash. Imagine getting a winning lottery ticket by accident, which is exactly what happened to one Maryland man.

In August, a 43-year-old man went into a convenience store to purchase his regular lottery tickets. The clerk accidentally pressed the wrong button and printed two tickets for the August 21 Powerball. The man decided to go ahead and buy the tickets. In addition, he decided to purchase an “Extreme Cash” scratch-off ticket.

While in the store, the man decided to go ahead and scratch the $30 card he’d just purchased. He placed the QR code under the scanner, and what happened next stunned him. In denial, he scanned the card again. He scanned the card another time, thinking to himself that someone might need to repair the system. Again, he received the same result. A card he would never have purchased if not for the clerk’s mistake earned him $100,000.

In shock, the man walked out of the store and Facetimed his wife. He said that they were hoping to buy a house in the future, and the prize would help him achieve their dream of owning their own home.

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