A Kidnapped Girl Escapes and Then Leads Authorities to More Bodies

A Kidnapped Girl Escapes and Then Leads Authorities to More Bodies

Little Girl Leads Cops To A Gruesome Mass Grave

(TruthandLiberty.com) – A 12-year-old Alabama girl is very fortunate. On Monday morning, August 1, a driver observed the young female walking by herself along a rural road and called 911. Police soon learned the child, a minor victim whose name authorities are withholding, had escaped a kidnapper. Her escape triggered a 24-hour investigation that led the Tallapoosa County Sheriff’s deputies to the mobile home of Jose Paulino.

What authorities found was horrifying. Sheriff Jimmy Abbett said other people were in the home when deputies arrived and discovered two decomposing bodies. Law enforcement officials arrested the 37-year-old suspect and charged him with first-degree kidnapping, three counts of capital murder, and two counts of corpse abuse. The girl may be very fortunate to be alive and likely wouldn’t have survived if she hadn’t chewed through her restraints and escaped. Court records obtained by the media showed Pascual-Reyes restrained the girl to a bed for almost a week.

The sheriff didn’t reveal whether the female child was related to Pascual-Reyes. He noted that evidence continued to show new information, but he didn’t want to hurt the case or the child by revealing too much. For now, authorities say the minor received proper medical care. They also refused to give further information on the two bodies. Officials forwarded the remains to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences, where medical investigators will perform autopsies and attempt to identify the individuals.

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