A High School Is Trying to Erase Gendered Language From Textbooks

A High School Is Trying to Erase Gendered Language From Textbooks

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Over the many years of public education, teachers and school boards have banned certain books from school libraries over conservative principles. Occasionally, they’ve gone too far in their criteria. Their reasoning has ranged from religious to moral standards. Yet, in today’s society, some schools are flat-out going “woke” and taking positions that run contrary to science and biology. Take, for example, a Massachusetts high school.

If you think far-left ideologies aren’t creeping into some classrooms, think again. A Needham High School biology teacher won’t allow students to use gender words when discussing or writing about human genetics. The teacher uses common progressive arguments to support gender identity and expression and says sex isn’t gender. Instead, the teacher instructs students gender identity is a psychological sense of self despite one’s physical gender traits.

The nonprofit group Parents Defending Education say some students believe the teacher is attempting to persuade kids that changing sexes is common throughout nature. In a presentation, the teacher told students gender fluidity is natural, and society persistently discriminates and marginalizes those with gender-held beliefs.

School principals appear to have no problem with the instruction. They say they’re proud of the curriculum and strive to reflect their diverse student body. Critics, on the other hand, wonder how the politics of gender crept its way into a biology class supposedly based on science.

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