400 Teenagers Carry Out Brutal Beatdown

Photo by Aedrian on Unsplash

On Saturday the Armed Forces Carnival was canceled after a “flash mob” of around 400 teenagers went to a suburb on the outskirts of Chicago and began fighting each other.

The fight broke out in suburban Tinley Park following a call on social media that called for people to gather at the festival on 80th Avenue train station. The teenagers who responded to the call online started running around the parking lot and fighting with one another, causing mayhem and disrupting the event.

It was later announced on Facebook, that the last day of the Carnival had been canceled because of the safety concerns that arose during the Saturday incident. The video on social media also shows teenagers running on cars and through the parking lots as well as fighting with each other. Law enforcement officials are also at the scene attempting to break up the fights. One police officer ended up getting injured while attempting to break up a fight. The officer was taken to the hospital and was released on Saturday evening.

Most of the teenagers caught because of the altercations were released back into their parents’ custody, and five teenagers were issued citations for fighting in public. There were no shots fired during the event.

The last day of the carnival was canceled by officials in suburban Tinley Park who stated that the event was being canceled because they had been informed of another teen flash mob that was being planned through social media.

The Armed Forces Carnival is a yearly three-day event that includes rides and games and helps unite members of the community to raise money for local charities.