3 Things to Help Stay Among the Living in an Emergency

3 Things to Help Stay Among the Living in an Emergency

(TruthandLiberty.com) – There are many situations that can quickly become life or death struggles and the best way to stay among the living is to be prepared. Here are some things that can help one win that battle if — or when — it comes.

Location, Location, Location

This is the saying used by real estate agents to describe the three most important factors when one is buying a home but in this context, it means helping rescuers find someone who is stranded. A quick trip on one’s boat on a weekend afternoon or taking a hike in the forest can become dangerous in the blink of an eye.

When trying to get away from things and get a little peace and quiet often involves being outside cell phone coverage which means alternative ways of calling for help are vital. One way to do that is to carry a personal locator beacon (PLB) that has one purpose. It uses the GPS satellites to send an SOS and gives the exact location where the trouble cropped up.

Less-Than-Lethal Protection

Occasionally, one will see the term “non lethal” when it comes to weapons of protection, but that’s grossly inaccurate because anything has the potential to kill or cause harm. But there are some less-lethal ways to keep yourself safe:

  • Electric shock devices (which some incorrectly use the copyrighted name Taser to describe them all) deliver a punch that are designed to leave an attacker twitching on the floor.
  • While pepper spray is usually only effective within a few feet there are manufacturers who have created capsaicin-filled balls suitable for use in the standard paintball gun.
  • Purpose-made projectile weapons are available in the market that will shoot beanbags or stainless steel or nylon “bullets.”

Note: these are NOT foolproof ways to stop a creature intent on violence. If possible, it’s best to leave the area and call for the police.

Go Bags

A natural disaster like a hurricane, earthquake, or blizzard has the potential to disrupt life for long periods of time and there’s always the possibility of a reality changing event — say, like an unexpected worldwide pandemic. The difference between being a survivor or a statistic for the news can lie in how quickly one can react.

Having a duffel bag filled with necessities like a first aid kit, emergency radio, blankets, and potable water among other items means that a person can be underway in moments. Having several of them at home, work, and in one’s vehicle is a good idea because by their very nature, disasters aren’t really keen on waiting on human schedules.

Earth can be a wonderful place to live and enjoy life to its fullest but it’s also dangerous and can claim an unwary person in a split second. Being ready to act swiftly and decisively will increase your odds of staying alive.

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