$14M in Cocaine and One Diver’s Body Found on Australian Riverbank

$14M in Cocaine and One Diver's Body Found on Australian Riverbank

Police Discover $14M In Cocaine On a Riverbank — What They See Next Shocks Everyone

(TruthandLiberty.com) – A mystery is developing in New South Wales, Australia. It comes after a man’s body washed ashore on a riverbank. Reuters reported the unidentified male was wearing expensive diving equipment when authorities discovered him unconscious and unresponsive at the Hunter River at Newcastle, approximately 106 miles north of Sydney. At the scene, paramedics attempted to resuscitate the man but were unsuccessful.

What makes the situation a mystery is what investigators found near the diver. Australian police say they found several packages of what appeared to be cocaine near the man’s body. The total weight of the packages amounted to 110 pounds of drugs. Law enforcement estimated the street value of the cocaine at approximately $14 million. The mystery deepened when investigators started probing the man’s death to determine possible links between the deceased diver and the stash.

Investigators said a nearby ship registered in another country docked close by the crime scene. New South Wales police Detective Superintendent Robert Critchlow said observers saw two smaller boats near the vessel on Sunday night. Officials say they’re trying to determine if there is a connection between the diver, the drugs, or the two small boats and the larger vessel. They say they’re keeping an open mind about the various circumstances.

On Tuesday, divers continued to comb the waters for more evidence, but so far, the mystery endures.

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