10 Criminals Arrested 500 Times Under New Bail Reform

10 Criminals Arrested 500 Times Under New Bail Reform

500 Times – These Records Put Democrats To Shame

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Like many big Democrat-led areas across America, crime is a significant issue in New York City. It helped former NYPD Captain Eric Adams win the mayoral race in 2021 after he promised voters he would crack down on offenders. On Wednesday, August 3, the New York Post reported a small number of criminals were racking up arrests and walking free each time, thanks to the state’s controversial no-bail law. The report stated officers arrested 10 lawbreakers almost 500 times.

Since former Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the reform into law in 2020, police have taken two perpetrators into custody 33 and 22 times, respectively. In a press conference at the steps of One Police Plaza, Adams said the Empire State’s “criminal justice system is insane.” He demanded legislators and the governor roll back the provision.

Adams added the failed law was dangerous and destructive to the city’s residents. He expressed frustration, saying officers continually arrested people for violent crimes, but criminals were back on the streets committing new offenses within hours or days.

New York City Comptroller Brad Lander said a study revealed the data doesn’t agree with the police or the mayor. Lander, a Democrat, argued the number of people who get re-arrested remained virtually unchanged after the bail reform law went into effect, insinuating it has nothing to do with the rise of crime.

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